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If you are an Orkut user you probably know what I am going to talk about here. I am speaking about Transliteration, which essentially means that you can type in one language and have that converted to another language.

Google already offers transliteration in Orkut and many users know about it. However did you know that you can now chat in Indian languages in Gmail and Google Talk Labs Edition also?

Follow these steps to chat in Indian languages (currently 5 are supported) in Google Talk.

  1. Add a transliteration bot to your friend list. There are 5 of them available currently: (en2hi.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Hindi, en2kn.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Kannada, en2te.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Telugu, en2ta.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Tamil and en2ml.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Malayalam)
  2. Start chatting with your friend.
  3. Convert the chat session to a group chat and invite the particular bot (you added in step 1) to the group chat.

From now on whatever you type in english will be converted to the appropriate language by the bot. Have a look:

hindi chat
Chat in Indian Languages

You might have to enable Indic fonts if you dont see them correctly. Here is some more information on Indic Fonts



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As you might be knowing from quite some time you can go invisible while chatting on Gmail. The invisible status is available in Gmail Chat, Google Talk gadget, Google Talk Labs Edition and Google Talk for iPhone .

What to do if you want to know if someone in really offline or is playing Mr. Hideous or as we call here in India – "Mr. India" ?

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open the chat window for the contact you want to confirm is offline of invisible

Step 2:

If you see a message "The chat is off record" then proceed to step 3, else click on options in the chat window (Gmail) or the down pointing arrow (Gtalk) and choose "Go Off Record" You will now surely see that "The chat is off record"

Step 3:

Now you need to interpret what you get.

  • If you get a message in red like below, this indicates that the user is really offline.
This shows the contact is offline
  • If you get nothing then the user is invisible, or any status updates in gray it means the user is online but invisible.
This shows the contact is invisible




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Despite the fact that so many people keep criticizing social networks, new social networking sites pop up every other day. If you are of the type who can’t keep away from friends for even a moment, or simply like to change your surfing experience have a look at Weblin


Weblin can turn every site you visit into a social networking site. The idea is that you can chat with other people who are using that site at that very moment. So next time you visit the blog and see someone move across your screen, don’t panic. The possibilities are then endless, you can talk about the site, look for similar things, ask for help or just “chitter-chatter”(is this a word ?)

Chat With Me!!

The deal is that there is a small download that helps you manage you Weblins. Weblins are avatars you can choose according to your personality or style that would represent the virtual “You”. Weblins can chat, appear online – offline, they can even animate across your screen!! There are already a number of Weblins to choose from. Plus you get ratings and points and can even win gifts if you become a “Toplin”. Works well with Internet Explorer, Firefox users may need to install the Weblin extension available freely at their site. I have not tested it on Opera or any other browser.

Surely worth a look, an interesting concept.
Check out at Weblin.com

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