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After my earlier post on Remote Desktop Access, I have been asked by friends to explain in detail how to set up Remote Desktop Access. Lets start with the easy one then, shall we?

Here is a step by step guide to use TeamViewer:

Step 1. Download TeamViewer(full version) here.
Step 2. Double click the file downloaded in step 1. You will see the following screen.

Welcome screen of the wizard

Step 3. Click next and proceed to the License agreement.

license agreement
The license agreement screen

Step 4. Read (although I never read 🙂 but still its a good idea if you want to sleep) and accept (or dont accept in which case the step by step guide for you ends here only) and click Next. You will see the following screen:

installation type
Choose whether to install or not

Step 5. Choose whether you want to install the application or not, TeamViewer 3 runs absolutely fine without installation also. Once you have made your choice click Next. Depending on what you chose you will either see the installation or the TeamViewer Window. I didnt install so here is what I got:

main screen
You are ready to go!!

Step 6. Now you can either choose to connect to a remote computer in which case that remote computer must also follow the same setup process and give you the ID and Password in the blue fields, you can then create a session using the ID they provided you,
You can have some one connect to you remotely in which case you will provide them with the ID and Password you get on your screen

Details for this step by step tutorial:

  • Estimated Time to complete: 2 mins (not considering download time)
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Karma, Satisfaction or Joy you gain: 7/10*

*May vary from person to person 🙂

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So you are a computer geek, you set up the ultimate desktop system for your mom’s use, then.. you get a call about a dialog box thats reigning havoc popping up again and again, you spend the rest of the time wondering whats on screen and which button you should tell her to click. Sounds familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see whats the mystery on the other side? Remote Desktop Access is the solution.

Now don’t get driven away by the name, its as easy as eating a chocolate. Moreover you are the geek it shouldn’t be a problem for you and yes you know that there is an option for "Remote Desktop Connection" in the Windows XP start menu. Now if you ever clicked on it you know that it SUCKS!! Thankfully there are hundreds of other options that are better, far easier and feature rich. I will touch on two popular approaches:

Tight VNC

1. TightVNC
VNC is Virtual Network Computing. Download TightVNC, run the setup and you are ready to go. Fire up TightVNC server on the remote machine and then use the IP address of the remote machine to connect through the TightVNC viewer on your machine. But only if you were thoughtful enough to install it on your mom’s pc (the remote pc), so now someone will need to set it up on the remote pc! The next approach overcomes this need

team viewer

2. TeamViewer
So you were not smart enough to set up the server on the remote machine, no problems, TeamViewer to the rescue. Now you must have a copy of TeamViewer on either computer. Then just fire it up, it requires no installation. Once its running on the remote machine, have someone (ur mom) tell you the session id and password that appears in the blue fields. Yes you would have to use a phone or email or something of the sort for this. Use the id and password to remotely access the computer. You are done!!

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