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System Mechanic Image There is a giveaway on the Internet these days for those of you who are looking for a tool to optimize and manage your computers. Its a 6 Months license for the popular “System Mechanic” software. So you can use it for 6 months and then decide if you like it enough or not. Here is what System Mechanic is all about:

“Fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes and more with System Mechanic”
System Mechanic is a software that offers you a centralized system dashboard to automatically perform all vital PC maintenance by diagnosing, reporting, and resolving computer problems and performance bottlenecks.

This award-winning utility suite is trusted by millions worldwide to secure, optimize, repair, and tune-up their systems.

Some of the Great features of System Mechanic are:

  • ActiveCare® 2.0 keeps your PC running like new — New ActiveCare 2.0 just got leaner, smarter, and even better at keeping your PC humming along at full speed. And it does this silently in the background, only working when your PC is on but not in use.
  • Defragment and Compact Registry tool – next–generation Defragment and Compact Registry tool now performs a comprehensive analysis of your registry, detects performance–draining bloat, and displays wasted space with instructive, color–coded graphics.
  • DriveSense™ — Real-time hard drive status.
  • New navigational links within the tools simplify moving throughout System Mechanic.
  • iolo’s library of programs and program components has been expanded to target resource-robbing programs unnecessarily clogging your PC’s startup process and to detect potentially dangerous software.
  • PC TotalCare™ performs a complete system tune-up by running all Power Tool functions in one pass.

How to get a free license for Six Months :

  1. Go here.
  2. Press the “Continue” button.
  3. Complete the checkout process using a valid email address, Select the Email Delivery option.
  4. Download System Mechanic 8.
  5. While installing, choose “I own system mechanic and can enter my serial later” option and click Next.
  6. Enter the Activation Code that you received on your email.

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Want some quick statistics about your hard disk? Want to know how healthy is your hard disk feeling? Check out Crystal Dew World. It has a number of softwares but we are having a look on Crystal Disk Info and then on Crystal Disk Mark. These are portable softwares, portable(means no installation required). Crystal Disk Info gives you all kinds of interesting data about your hard disk and can be downloaded here

A mere 733 KB download, when you run gives you all kinds of data about your hard disk like:

  • The number of times it has been powered up.
  • The number of hours it has been running.
  • Firnware, interface, transfer modes, Supported features
  • Buffer size, LBA 28bit and 48bit
  • Temperature of the disk
  • Overall health of the disk.
  • Then all other kinds of data like spin-up time, start/stop count etc.
  • You can also graph these values and compare them with a built in graph utility.
  • And you can choose which of your disk to view if you have more than one.
crystal disk info
Crystal Disk Info

These here are the statistics for my aging old hard drive. I terribly need a new one. (I won’t mind donations!!) . Anyways check out the awesome tool, very informative and free and small and portable.

If on the other hand you would like to benchmark your disks and see which one is better or want to do it for some other purpose then check out Crystal Disk Mark. Another small download, free and portable and you can choose a variety of options and compare the benchmarks for read/write access. You can control the number of passes to make, the amount of data to be used and the partition you want to benchmark.

crystal disk mark
Crystal Disk Mark


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Are you a web designer? Would you like to design the graphics for your own site but don’t know how to? Or you are simply a photoshop enthusiast and want to learn Photoshop? Here is your chance:

Sitepoint is giving away "The Photoshop Anthology" book for free. With 9+ chapters, 270+ pages all in color you are bound to be benifited by the giveaway. What harm can a free book be anyway?

Here is what Google Book Search has to say about the "The Photoshop Anthology":
A full-color, question-and-answer book for Web designers who want to use Photoshop to build Web sites and create better looking graphics more effectively, this volume covers Photoshop interface tricks and shortcuts, basic skills, creating text effects, adjusting images and much more. It’s brimming with tried and tested real-world Photoshop solutions that will add impact to your next web design project. If you’ve ever been stuck for inspiration, have puzzled over just how to create a shiny aqua-style button, or wanted to create that seamlessly tiling background image you saw on a site recently, this book is for you.

Grab the book, fast before the giveaway finishes


Just head over here and click on the download link. The offer is however limited. At the time of this writing there are still 19 days left. So hurry up and cash in! (Is cash in appropriate when its free?… lol)


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