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As you know MakeUseOf.com is one of the most popular tech blogs out there on the Internet. You might have noticed we are having some serious problems with the site right now. To be precise: I woke up to the news that MakeUseOf.com domain account with GoDaddy has been hacked and the Domain has been transferred to another web company based out of Dubai.

There have been some serious reactions and theories on digg and other blogs about how this was achieved, however we are still not sure and wouldn’t like to speculate. [UPDATE: A recent post on the MakeUseOf Status Blog provides more details and updates]

Rest assured we are working to get the domain back. Meanwhile you can visit http://makeuseof-temporary.blogspot.com for updates on the situation. If you are subscribed to the feed you will get the updates anyway so hang in there. BTW if anyone has a contact in GoDaddy or can help in someway to get things rolling it will be really appreciated. Use the form to get in touch.

Similar situation had cropped up with designer David Airey’s site some time back. He got it restored and had written a post explaining what had happened and how he got it back.

Hopefully MakeUseOf will be back sooner rather than later with quality articles that you love.

[UPDATE: Its back with it rightful owners. Yay!]

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Have a look, this is what readers like on this blog. Yes, that includes you too! Oh your lovely eyes.. keep them on the monitor please, would you?

Step by Step Tutorial: Create your own Firefox search plugin

This step by step tutorial offers insights on how to create a search plugin for your site or any site that appears in the Firefox search engines on the right.

How to know if someone is invisible on Gmail

As you might be knowing from quite some time you can go invisible
while chatting on Gmail. The invisible status is available in Gmail
Chat, Google Talk gadget, Google Talk Labs Edition and Google Talk for iPhone .
What to do if you want to know if someone in really offline or is playing Mr.[…]
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Step By Step: Remote Desktop with TeamViewer 3

After my earlier post on Remote Desktop Access,
I have been asked by friends to explain in detail how to set up Remote
Desktop Access. Lets start with the easy one then, shall we?
Here is a step by step guide to use TeamViewer:
Step 1. Download TeamViewer(full version) here.
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What is System Volume Information?

If you ever wondered where is your disk space flying away when you
don’t seem to have a lot of media files and Gigabytes of music you
might want to take a deeper look. First off let me put things into
perspective, being a blogger I have to keep trying new softwares and
tips and tricks to make sure that you the readers get nothing but the
best and validated and working stuff. So today when I wanted to install
some stuff I found that I have only 1 GB of disk space left. I[…]
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Get more out of Firefox Tabs: Shortcuts, Preferences and Addons

firefox logo

Tabbed browsing is one of the most(if not the most) important
features of modern browsers, and when the browser is Firefox you can
expect some extra customizations. Here is a complete (I tried to make
it) guide to a better tabbed browsing experience:

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A giveaway in making

I have been planning and working on a giveaway for you ‘The readers’ so keep checking back and you might just find it in the coming days. Or still better subscribe to the RSS feeds, they deliver the blog content to you automatically! Click here to subscribe to RSS feed for this blog, its free incase anyone is wondering about what RSS feeds are!

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I m back!!

Its been quite some time since the last post. Nearly 2 months. Pheew!! I am a busy guy. Ya I have been busy with exam preperations and stuff. Hopefully now I will get time to update the blog regularly, atleast for sometime(praying and fingers crossed). Nevertheless, the “distances” have not been entirely fruitless, because now I have even more things to write about.

So lets just get on with it..

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Hello WorldWideWeb!

“Shri Ganesh” – That’s how we start our work here in India.
“Jai Shri Ram” – That’s what i like to add to it.
At this late hour some neurons sent messages to some other neurons who forwarded them to some other neurons and ultimately a light bulb appeared above my head (yes it was glowing) and i thought i have an idea. So registered for a new account to start a blog. I Love doing things relating to computers, Love to learn new things and often there are many many things that I m working on simultaneously. So I just hope that I keep updating the blog often.

Its going to be an all tech and some non tech stuff ( so I lied when I said
a truly tech blog ). I will just keep adding things that I like and find interesting about the web, programming, new stuff, and my hobby – “Photoshop”.

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