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As if the browser war was not frantic enough, what we have now is that the final releases within five days of each other. While Opera 9.5 is already out as I write this, Mozilla have decided on 17th June as the day to roll out Firefox 3. Remember you can help Firefox set a Guinness World Record of most number of software downloads in a day, which by the way is there’s for sure as its the first of its kind, only the actual number remains to be seen.

Here are the links:

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There has been lot of hype and publicity for Firefox 3. Working silently on the other hand is the Norwegian company Opera on their flagship product Opera Web Browser. Like Firefox Opera is also nearing release of version 9.5. The 9.5 b 2 is already out and you can give it a try. I have been using 9.5b1 for quite some time so let me take you on a tour on what 9.5 has to offer. Here are some of the features that are improvements over the 9.2x versions and would be pitted directly against FF3’s new features by many.

opera coming soon
Opera 9.5 is also nearing release


  • Challenging the Awesome Bar of FF3 (the address bar, as it is called) is the Quick Find feature of Opera. FF3 searches what you are typing in the url bar within your history pages’ urls and titles. Quick Find of opera on the other hand searches what you are typing in the entire content of the pages you have visited. Like eg after visiting this page if you type Awesome Bar in the url bar then it will list this site as an option too. How cool is that? One up on FF?
  • The next cool feature is Opera Link which syncs your browser bookmarks and speed dial between your mobile and computer browsers.
  • Speed Dial which I mentioned above lets you access a thumbnail view of your most visited sites on one page(which can be updated ofcourse) you can than click on the thumbnail to view the full page.
  • You can choose to have an individual set of preferences for individual sites.
  • Opera has built in mouse gestures and bittorrent client.
  • It has an inbuilt mail and chat client(you require opera accounts for them).
  • Opera gives you thumbnail preview of the tabs when you hover over them.
  • Opera can also be controlled using your voice. This is one feature I really like.
  • Then there are not so revolutionary features like fraud protection, skinning, download manager, password manager etc

So should you give Opera a try (if you already haven’t)? My answer is Yes. Its definitely worth it. Although the Quick Find feature is slightly but noticeably slow sometimes( it has to be, it searches full text of pages) but still I would say it does a pretty good job considering what its actually doing.

Another downside I would like to mention is incompatibility with some sites of which the incompatibility issues with Google services hit you the most. All of them will actually work but you will not be able to experience them in their entirety, plus the lack of addons for Opera unlike FF which has loads of them(frankly speaking just too many of them). Opera however compensates to some extent in this department by offering many features(mouse gestures, speed dial, tab preview etc)out of the box for which FF requires extensions.

Just take it for a ride and let me know what you feel? How does it compare with FF?

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