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Quite some time back I posted the alternate URLs that you can use to get to Google, now its time to do the same for Digg. All the following urls point to Digg. Be creative in their use!!



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digg logoThe social news website Digg has a new Recommendation Engine. The new engine is aimed at giving the newly (upcoming) stories more exposure. Actually it makes it easier to find upcoming news stories according to your taste, you can then choose to Digg the story or not according to the merits of the particular story. Digg felt the need of such a Recommendation engine because Digg gets 10-14k new stories each day, and its difficult for the users to find and digg/not digg each of them.

The recommendation engine essentially presents you with a subset of the total upcoming stories, it thus filters the upcoming stories and presents to you the stories it thinks you will like. It makes this choice by taking into account the stories you have dugg earlier. If A and B have dugg some common stories in the past, then the new stories which A has dugg, and B has not might be of interest to B and vice versa, this is the principle that the Recommendation engine uses to make the recommendation. Apply it to all the users in the Digg universe and you have a handsome recommendation list!

The feature will be rolled out to some of the registered users randomly. Eventually every registered user will have the feature over the next week. Its a nice addition to Digg and will give exposure to the new stories and a chance to be at top, rather than the stories which are already at the top. From the Digg user’s perspective it will give them a chance to Digg a good story and see it reach to the front page, rather than re-digging a story that is already on the Digg front page.

For more check out the videos posted by Digg’s Kevin Rose about the new engine here and here. Let’s wait and watch how well it performs and how well do the user’s accommodate it. Have you tried the feature? what do you think?

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