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lock noteSo you are a Nuclear scientist and hold top secret information about the Nuclear Warfare of your country? (I know many nuclear scientists love to read my articles!) Want to transfer this information to someone but fear that it may be trespassed. Why don’t you try encryption? Because its complicated? Are you sure? Because what I am going to mention might just change you view about it.

Okay first off I admit the all the nuclear bla bla could be termed as exaggerating . However there are lots of things you might need only authorized person to be able to have a look on like your passwords, some important notes and so on you think, I know there is plenty of stuff. The application I am talking about is LockNote. LockNote is a document and encryption mechanism in one single application.

First off download it here for free.

Run Locknote.exe, type in your confidential text and choose Save as. Then you will be needed to enter a password and that’s it. Now to open the file you will need the password you just provided. Once you open the file, you can make changes and then save all the changes in the file. It decrypts the file when you open the file and encrypts it when you save the file all on the fly.

lock note window
The LockNote Window

Moreover you can also drag and drop any text file on the executable to quickly encrypt it. In case you are wondering how secure it is, let me mention that it uses AES 256 bit encryption, which if you don’t know what it is, I assure you it is secure for your confidential notes 🙂 LockNote is portable and doesn’t need any installation, so you can use it from your USB drive as well


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You probably already knew that you can go secure with your Gmail account by using https in place of http in the address bar. Going secure protects you from eaves dropping and is even of greater importance if you are concerned about your privacy while using wifi. It means that your mail goes encrypted between your browser and the Gmail servers.

Well it turns out that soon you will be able to do this natively using your account settings in Gmail. Check out the Settings for your Gmail account for a setting like this:

secure settings
Look for this [Image from Gmail Blog]

If you don’t have it till now, have patience you will get it soon. An important point to consider before going secure is that it can make your mail experience slower (only slightly though).


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Fileai.com is free service that allows you to transfer you files securely using only your web browser. According to fileai.com the service offers "Bittorrent Style File Transfers". You can use fileai to transfer files that are too big for an email attachment. All you need is a web browser and Java installed on your machine. Some of the salient features of fileai are:

  • Secure transfer, 128-bit AES encryption
  • P2P download, ideal if you want to share files with multiple users
  • Password authentication to allow access to the files on your computer.
  • File download starts instantly.
  • Less bandwidth usage (incase of multiple recipients)
  • Ability to limit the number of downloads
  • Use the same ID again
send receive
Send files Receive Files

What fileai basically does is, that it transfers file from your computer to the recipient(s) directly without uploading them to another server, so its obvious that both the parties have to be online and have their web browsers running for the transfer to work. To put it in perspective you can view it as file transfers through IM clients on steroids! that is more secure, can require authentication and Bittorrent Style!

File Transfer Status

Since it uses Java Applets, it requires your permission to run, so you will have to give it permission to run on your system, from then on the process is intuitive, you can drag and drop files or choose them via a dialog and when you have done so you will get a transaction ID and a link, this is required by the recipient in order to receive files. As soon as the recipient clicks on the link or enters the transaction id and approves the applet the transfer starts instantly.

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