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There is always a heated discussion on the forums about accessing Windows formatted partitions from Linux, but what if you want to do the opposite? What if you want to access the data you store on a Linux file system from within Windows?

The solution is pretty simple and straightforward, and NO you don’t need to reboot Linux again! You can use any of these free softwares to do the trick for you:

Linux Partition on Windows

Linux Partition on Windows

Both the softwares install file system drivers so that you can access the Ext2 file system just like and other native Windows file system. You get both read write access to the Linux partition and it shows up as a normal drive with a drive letter assigned to it within Windows Explorer.


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Want some quick statistics about your hard disk? Want to know how healthy is your hard disk feeling? Check out Crystal Dew World. It has a number of softwares but we are having a look on Crystal Disk Info and then on Crystal Disk Mark. These are portable softwares, portable(means no installation required). Crystal Disk Info gives you all kinds of interesting data about your hard disk and can be downloaded here

A mere 733 KB download, when you run gives you all kinds of data about your hard disk like:

  • The number of times it has been powered up.
  • The number of hours it has been running.
  • Firnware, interface, transfer modes, Supported features
  • Buffer size, LBA 28bit and 48bit
  • Temperature of the disk
  • Overall health of the disk.
  • Then all other kinds of data like spin-up time, start/stop count etc.
  • You can also graph these values and compare them with a built in graph utility.
  • And you can choose which of your disk to view if you have more than one.
crystal disk info
Crystal Disk Info

These here are the statistics for my aging old hard drive. I terribly need a new one. (I won’t mind donations!!) . Anyways check out the awesome tool, very informative and free and small and portable.

If on the other hand you would like to benchmark your disks and see which one is better or want to do it for some other purpose then check out Crystal Disk Mark. Another small download, free and portable and you can choose a variety of options and compare the benchmarks for read/write access. You can control the number of passes to make, the amount of data to be used and the partition you want to benchmark.

crystal disk mark
Crystal Disk Mark


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