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Some of the long time readers of the blog will be knowing about my liking for graphics softwares and websites. While surfing the web today I came across Sumopaint. I immediately fired it up and started using. A little over 2 minutes after using the application I was just crazy about it. Its simply amazing. So I thought I would share it with my readers.

editing image
Photo editing

Sumopaint is an online flash based application that allows you to create content from start of you can apply some of the effects you find in photoshop. You can call it a striped down version of photoshop just like photoshop express. However while photoshop express only allows you to do effects on your photos, Sumopaint actually gives you a variety of drawing tools as well that you can use to create your art.

  • To start with you can find rectangular select tool, move tool, gradient tool, pencil tool, brush tool, paint bucket, Erasertool etc
  • In shape tools you get rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipse, pie, polygon, star, line and symmetry tool
  • In effects it offers blur tool, smudge tool
  • It also has a free transform tool, a text tool, an eyedropper tool.
  • Sounds a lot like photoshop doesn’t it, oh wait wait wait, did I mention layers support? Yes! It has layers too. Color swatches, color palettes and wow….
palletes tools
The palettes and tools

The layers support basic functionality like reordering, adding, deleting layers, flattening all layers. Next on very photoshop like you have a Filters Menu. So what all is included in it? Start counting because here I begin: Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Detect edges, Twirl, Liquid waves, Noise, Perlin Noise, Clouds, Brightness/contrast, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Desaturate and Negative.

What’s more when you select a tool you even get an options bar for the tool just as you would get in Photoshop. Nifty, ha? Like when you select the brush tool you can change the brush shape, scattering, diameter, opacity from the options bar.

Its one of the best web apps out there, the control you get with the cursor is amazing, and the symmetry tool is awesome, you just have to use it and see it in action to believe what it can do. The folks have done a very very good job. 5/5 stars from me.

Ah.. just for the sake of completeness, since it on the web so you can’t ignore the social aspects of the app, you can create your profile and view other user’s work, being online means that two or more people can collaborate and so much more fun and productive.

Let me get my hands wet and show you my master piece!

master art
Creating art!

OK, my master piece is not top class stuff but was created in under a Minute! You got to give some concessions to me and credits to sumopaint. Here is what I did incase you want to emulate my art!

  1. Fill the background layer with a gradient (Choose gradient tool, choose two colors and just click and drag your mouse)
  2. Create a new layer (Click add on layers palette or choose new layer from layers menu) then choose the symmetry tool, choose bright colors and just scribble around (in short strokes, changing colors often, you can change the shape of symmetry tool from the options bar as well).
    Choose filter > Liquid Waves (play with settings till you are satisfied)
  3. Lower the opacity (till you are satisfied) of currently selected layer so that the background layer shows through, change blend mode (towards the top of layers palette) to Linear dodge.
  4. Create a new layer, choose the brush tool and change the shape to stars or something similar and just randomly click here and there!
  5. There you have it, your result will look different for sure but you get the idea! Pheew! It took more time to type the steps than it took to create it.

Most of all have fun at Sumopaint, its really good, trust me I am very critical and don’t get blown away by things easily but I can’t help praising Sumopaint.

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