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Head on over to WebValuer to find out what is your site worth. WebValuer takes in the domain name, fetches some statistics and gives you the net worth of your website.

Techcrazy Blog is valued at $8,495. Hmm.. I am not too sure if this is accurate. Any comments?

Webvaluer claims that although not exact, but still the estimates are good enough to get a general idea. Anyways while you are there you can also have a look at your website’s rank. Online status, employees, demographics. You might already be knowing the stats but its nice and fun to look at what the world sees, and of course at the price

If you have a website and blog, hop over to WebValuer, you can also get a badge to put on your site letting the world know that they are on some precious teritorry. Let me know what your site is worth. Then may be we can arrange a meet up at some casino!

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Are you a blogger looking to increase your subscriber count? Well until now you needed good content to do so, but until now…
Can you Copy and Paste? then visit http://www.vimeo.com/1463913 and see how easy it is to hack your Feedburner subscriber count. Won’t take more than a minute or so to add a few thousand subscribers.

I am sure Google / Feedburner will look into the matter and probably fix it soon, you can enjoy it till then however. Even if Google fixes this its very simple to forge the image in Photoshop and display as many subscribers as you want.

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