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Ferrari at the top after four rounds

Starting where I left off – Formula 1. After nearly 2 months since the start of the season and after four rounds of the 2008 season its the Prancing Horse that leads both the Constructors and the Drivers championships. Looking at their current pace and the somewhat dissappointing performance of the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes team, it seems unlikely that any of the teams will be able to challenge the scarlett cars. Go Ferrari Go!!

Constructors Standings:

Ferrari 47
BMW Sauber 35
Mclaren-Mercedes 34


Drivers Standings:

Kimi Raikkonen 29
Lewis Hamilton 20
Robert Kubica 19

Do you think any of the teams will present a real challenge for Ferrari ? Who will be the best of the rest? Let me know what you think.

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The 2008 Formula-1 Season is all set to start and if the previous season was any indicative to go by the 2008 season promises to be even better. Add to that the restrictions imposed in the 2008 season and you have the makings of some interesting racing!!


2008 season prohibits the teams from using their own Engine Control Units (ECUs) instead the FIA will provide a Standardized ECU known as the SECU. Heard somewhere that Microsoft is providing the SECU 😉 but for the Formula-1 fan it means no traction control and no Engine Braking System (that stabalizes the car under heavy breaking). So we can expect lots of spins, sliding around cars and stuff we want to see in F1!! Eagerly waiting for a wet race this season!!

Another attraction this season would be the inclusion of new Street circuits in Europe and Singapore, with the Singapore GP promising to be the first night race in Formula1 history!!

Formula1.com has released official wallpapers for the 2008 season featuring the original art work. Download them to get your engines started for the 2008 season!


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