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ispring logoWith Office 2007 there is always the problem of file compatibility. Although there exist ways like saving in Office 97-2003 compatible format, and the Microsoft compatibilty pack, however why not convert your files to a format viewable on both the Web and the desktop?

If this is what you want iSpring can help you. iSpring allows your to convert your PowerPoint projects into Flash in just one click. iSpring converts the PowerPoint projects into Flash movies while retaining the animation effects of the PowerPoint project: such as, diagrams, charts, graphs, slide masters, mouse driven animations, flash files, all slide transition effects and more.

convert ppt to flash
iSpring converts Powerpoint projects to flash

Moreover iSpring has many product options to choose from. There is the iSpring free application, iSpring Pro, iSpring Ultra, and FlashSpring. Each product has the core feature of converting PowerPoint to Flash. iSprig Pro has additional features such as: size and scale customization, flash presentation autostart, frame rate control, live preview, email, interactive, logo and more. iSpring Ultra on the other hand allows you to use Action Script to control the presentations.

Check out iSpring to give you presentations a more professional look!

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Koolwire Contacts(for email based conversions)

1. mp3@koolwire.com: Send an email with a .wav as attachment and you will get the .wav file converted to .mp3 and delivered to your inbox.

2. pdf@koolwire.com: Convert attachments of type .doc, .xls, .ppt to pdf.

3. doc@koolwire.com: Convert .pdf files to .doc or .rtf format.

4. wav@koolwire.com: Convert .mp3 files to .wav files.

Other useful mail based conversion contact are iphone@pdfonline.com but i think the file size limit is more stringent than the koolwire contacts, and pdf2text@adobe.com (you guess what it does).

Other Useful Contacts:

1. <—–>@mms.youtube.com: Ever heard of Youtube? ya its that website that allows you to watch videos etc. You can ofcourse upload your content too. Do you use a mobile camera to do the recordings? well just create a profile at >>> 😉 <<< and you can then mail your videos. (Yes it will take a little longer to upload)

2. www@web2mail.com: Send an email with no body but URL of a webpage as the subject and you will get a copy of that page delivered into your inbox. A lot better than sending text links to your friends!

3. <—–>@prod.writely.com: Register for a Google Docs accounts at >>> 😉 <<< then go here You will see a unique email id that is (lets see can i find a word for it.. okay i will say..) DIFFICULT to remember(thats why you add is at contact) where you can mail your documents and they are added to your google docs account.

4. <—–>@rmilk.com: Register for and account at rememberthemilk.com and then you will get this unique id. All emails sent to the contact get added as tasks to be done.

5. go@blogger.com: This is for the “on the go” blogger. Just mail any image to this address and it gets added as a new post on the blog.

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