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As you may be knowing Gmail rolled out a labs feature some time back, Gmail users can soon expect a new addition to their accounts. The new addition is aimed at increasing the security and privacy of users. Soon Gmail will allow your to remotely log out of your account and also view the recent account activity so that you can track down if your account has been accessed from elsewhere, or if you are logged in from another computer or if someone other than you has accessed your account.

Consider for example that you log into your Gmail account at office and then leave in a hurry, forgetting to sign out, now when you log in again from your home or another computer you will be able to see that you are still logged in from your office computer in the Gmail footer (it shows "This account is open in 1 other location"). This is what it will look like:

gmail footer detail
from Official Gmail Blog

You can then click the details link to get some more details about your account activity, clicking on details presents you with tables that will look like this:


detailed view
from Official Gmail Blog

You can now view two sets of information one regarding the concurrent session which gives you the details of all the open sessions, what is the IP address of the computer from where you have logged in, the access type. The other table is the recent activity table which shows you the IP addresses, access type and the time of recent logins into your account. You can thus verify that it was indeed you who has accessed the account recently and if you would like you can log out of all other open sessions (eg the one you created when you logged in at office) by clicking "Sign Out All other Sessions" button.

The new feature will be available shortly in the latest version of Gmail which is best accessed from Firefox and IE, no luck for Opera users again!

UPDATE: The features are live now, look at the footer of your Gmail page.

Terms Used in the article

  • Open Session – A session is open if you have logged in but not logged out. – back
  • Access Type – Access type refers to the method by which you log into your account like if you use Firefox, IE, opera etc than access type is browser, on the other hand if you use your iPhone or other mobile device then access type is mobile – back

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Yes I know you know how to search on google. But if I really know you know how to, then why am I writing this?
Ah.. You know… Its one of those things you know that you know

but then you end up saying," You know what? I really didnt know that."

Pheeeww.. Still reading? Do you really KNOW what you are doing?

Okay lets get to it… What do you do when you want to search( or google 😉 ) with Google? Ya ya you use the search functionality provided by most browsers these days. Or Opera users use the prefix letter "g". Or if nothing else you go to Google and type in your search query. Okay here is the deal, what you think happens when you use any of these:

Amazing or what? Turns out that these are hosted on Google Servers. Try www.crushmachine.com and rIP http://www.google.com. Now people have come up with all kinds of ideas like trick your ISP and other people monitoring the traffic. Thats all fine but one thing i cant think of is why would Google want to host all these on the same servers? Someone enlighten me…

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