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If you wake up late for the Internet era or just want to create a new email account, its difficult to get the email address of your choice. All of them are already occupied and you end up adding numbers, birth years or something or the other. Well Yahoo realized this trend and is now offering two more domains in its email addresses to help users get the email address they want.

The two domains are @ymail.com and @rocketmail.com. Yahoo has about 260 million registered users so you can very well imagine trying to register an address "yourname@yahoo.com". However now you have a chance to get one, needless to mention that you should register it fast or else you will miss the train again!

Yahoo already has the maximum email users, and this move is surely going to bring them some more. I am going to try for mine just now! But before that I felt that my readers should also get the news early and register theirs as well!

Click and off you go to mail.yahoo.com

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Ever uploaded a large files as attachment using gmail, yahoo or hotmail only to find that oops they dont support LARGE attachments..


Want to send large files to your friends? Well there are a couple of services that exist presently. You could use yousendit, box.net, esnips and other similar services. But this whole concept of podmailing is what sets podmailing.com apart from other services.

Here is a tryst with "podmailing": You specify your email id, recipient(s) email ids, upload your file to the podmailing.com servers and while the file is being uploaded the recipients will each receive an email saying that they have a large file sent by you. Huh.. So whats new? Hang on.. The fun part starts now, because the recipient now has 3 options to get the files:

  • Using the browser (through http):
    • This requires that the file is completely uploaded to the servers (and its not the kewl way!).
  • Using p2p:
    • What? yes even if the file is not uploaded completely yet still the recipient can virtually pick it off from your machine using peer-to-peer networking. (This requires the podmailing software on either end)
  • Using torrents:
    • Still better option for very large files is the BitTorrent Support. Not only you can have a "swarm" being created (if you have many recipients) but also the file is available for a much longer time than the podmailing.com’s limit of 30 days.

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Koolwire Contacts(for email based conversions)

1. mp3@koolwire.com: Send an email with a .wav as attachment and you will get the .wav file converted to .mp3 and delivered to your inbox.

2. pdf@koolwire.com: Convert attachments of type .doc, .xls, .ppt to pdf.

3. doc@koolwire.com: Convert .pdf files to .doc or .rtf format.

4. wav@koolwire.com: Convert .mp3 files to .wav files.

Other useful mail based conversion contact are iphone@pdfonline.com but i think the file size limit is more stringent than the koolwire contacts, and pdf2text@adobe.com (you guess what it does).

Other Useful Contacts:

1. <—–>@mms.youtube.com: Ever heard of Youtube? ya its that website that allows you to watch videos etc. You can ofcourse upload your content too. Do you use a mobile camera to do the recordings? well just create a profile at >>> 😉 <<< and you can then mail your videos. (Yes it will take a little longer to upload)

2. www@web2mail.com: Send an email with no body but URL of a webpage as the subject and you will get a copy of that page delivered into your inbox. A lot better than sending text links to your friends!

3. <—–>@prod.writely.com: Register for a Google Docs accounts at >>> 😉 <<< then go here You will see a unique email id that is (lets see can i find a word for it.. okay i will say..) DIFFICULT to remember(thats why you add is at contact) where you can mail your documents and they are added to your google docs account.

4. <—–>@rmilk.com: Register for and account at rememberthemilk.com and then you will get this unique id. All emails sent to the contact get added as tasks to be done.

5. go@blogger.com: This is for the “on the go” blogger. Just mail any image to this address and it gets added as a new post on the blog.

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