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If you are an Orkut user you probably know what I am going to talk about here. I am speaking about Transliteration, which essentially means that you can type in one language and have that converted to another language.

Google already offers transliteration in Orkut and many users know about it. However did you know that you can now chat in Indian languages in Gmail and Google Talk Labs Edition also?

Follow these steps to chat in Indian languages (currently 5 are supported) in Google Talk.

  1. Add a transliteration bot to your friend list. There are 5 of them available currently: (en2hi.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Hindi, en2kn.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Kannada, en2te.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Telugu, en2ta.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Tamil and en2ml.translit@bot.talk.google.com for Malayalam)
  2. Start chatting with your friend.
  3. Convert the chat session to a group chat and invite the particular bot (you added in step 1) to the group chat.

From now on whatever you type in english will be converted to the appropriate language by the bot. Have a look:

hindi chat
Chat in Indian Languages

You might have to enable Indic fonts if you dont see them correctly. Here is some more information on Indic Fonts



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wedding ducksNow this is what we can call a Google Marriage. This is a nice story around on the Internet about "The Boyles" who extensively used Google Services to plan their wedding and share information with each other and with their guests. The Groom even set up blogger to post the story to appear as they would be walking down the aisle. Quite an Idea, don’t you think?

Here is the summary of which Google Service they used to perform which wedding task:

They used Google docs to store "the to dos" for wedding, draft documents, list of invites, RSVPs and such similar things. That way the parents and the couple had the latest documents at all times. They used the Google Page Creator to share information with their friends. Google Maps to specify where the wedding was and hotels and stuff in that area. They used the forms in Google docs to get song ideas from their guests, Google Calendar to coordinate their schedules and ultimately pick their wedding date and now they are sharing the wedding photographs at Picasa.

What’s more that as a wedding gift The Boyles’ story appeared at the Official Google Blog! You can read the full story in their own words here

Indian weddings are a lot different, so no chance of a Google Marriage for me, or may be? Not anytime soon, anyways! 😉 Let’s wish them a Happy Married Life!

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iphoneThis one is not directly related to Computers but nevertheless you can find n number of ways it relates to computers. I am talking about the iPhone, and not only “The iPhone” but “The iPhone in India”.

Yes iPhone is coming to India, at least vodafone is saying so. In fact Vodafone has started pre booking of iPhones in India as you can see in the following advertisement:

Airtel has also followed Vodafone and is also set to offer iPhones in India. The iPhone is scheduled to be released in 22 countries on July 11th 2008. India is not a part of these 22 countries. So people here will have to wait for at least some time to get their hands on the iPhone (officially at least, although jail braking is popular and prevalent!).

Worth mentioning here is that recently the iPhone 3G hit the markets in US, and 3G networks are not yet available in India. You can pre register your iPhone here or sms IPHONE to 56789.

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fox day badgeHow to set a Guinness World Record? Well do something amazing and different to the extreme i guess. Can’t do it? May be you can. You can help Firefox set a Guinness World Record for the most number of software downloads in 24 hours! All you have to do is pledge here.

Thats it. Rest will be done by Mozilla. On the D – Day ( I mean the download day) you will get a link in your inbox to download Firefox. Just click on the link and do your bit in setting a world record and spreading a better browser of course.

Still not interested? Why would you want to download Firefox? Here are a few reasons that the site qoutes:

  • New Features :
    • Firefox 3 sets the innovation bar very high with exciting new features, including one-click bookmarking, the smart location bar and lightning fast performance.
  • Security:

    • Keeping you and your personal information safe is our top priority. Firefox 3 includes phishing and malware protection, plus our new instant site ID info.
  • Productivity:

    • With features like built-in spell checking, session restore and full zoom, Firefox 3 makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently on the Web.
  • Customization:

    • Your taste and needs set you apart from the rest. With Firefox 3 you can choose from over 5,000 add-ons that help you customize your browsing experience.

There is also a country wise break up of the pledges. At this moment US is leading. India is trailing. Come on fellow Indians!

pledge map
Download pledge map


What will you get? Check out the FAQ for more information. An excellent idea by Mozilla to make FF3 popular. Gosh.. When will my brain cook one of these ideas? 🙂

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