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It is said that a wise man learns from other’s mistakes (or something similar!). Here is a list of 500 lamest/worst passwords of all time I came across on the web. Hope yours is not on the list!

Sr. No Top 1-100 Top 101–200 Top 201–300 Top 301–400 Top 401–500
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29 2000 starwars matrix whatever 4128
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Intrepid has been out for about a week now. Normally the ubuntu upgrades and installations work flawlessly, however when I upgraded to Intrepid there were a few problems. The most profound is what some have called the “Black Screen of Death”. It’s when ubuntu simply freezes up. So it happened that after the upgrade I was hoping to check out some of the new features in Intrepid, as soon as I logged in, Ubuntu just froze up, just a black screen with a mouse pointer that I could move but could not use. Couldn’t switch to virtual consoles, couldn’t restart X, nothing. In the end decided to use the power button to power off the machine.

Despite knowing that a restart seldom fixes an issue in Linux, I was still hoping the it would boot up just fine this time but it was not to be. Again a BLACK SCREEN that won’t allow you to do anything.


As it turned out, compiz was having issues with Intel onboard graphics on certain motherboards (845 in my case). There has been a bug report for the problem and it was mentioned in the release notes (damn I didnt read it before upgrading)


Booted up the system again, this time logged into Failsafe Terminal Session. Removed compiz

sudo apt-get remove compiz compiz-core

So no pretty desktop effects and other compiz tricks in Intrepid. Boooo… So sad as they worked perfectly in Gutsy and then Hardy. Hoping for a bug fix to be pushed into updates soon, so that we all will be able to use the compiz goodness once again.


Read the release notes thoroughly!

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The next release of Ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is all set to be released on 30th Oct. However, if you don’t have a fast internet connection and would like to try Ubuntu nevertheless you should Pre-Order a free CD.
Canonical the parent company of the popular Linux distro send free Ubuntu CDs across the world. Yes you don’t pay a dime, shipping, handling and other costs all are borne by Canonical.

You can pre-order the following flavours of Ubuntu:

Please note that starting with Ubuntu 8.10, Canonical no longer ships the Edubuntu Addon CD. So if you need Edubuntu you might have to download it. The CDs have to be approved and then shipping takes 4 to 6 weeks (subject to your location). In case you are not up for the wait you might want to download the ISO and burn it yourself, or better if you are already running Ubuntu just go to the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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There is always a heated discussion on the forums about accessing Windows formatted partitions from Linux, but what if you want to do the opposite? What if you want to access the data you store on a Linux file system from within Windows?

The solution is pretty simple and straightforward, and NO you don’t need to reboot Linux again! You can use any of these free softwares to do the trick for you:

Linux Partition on Windows

Linux Partition on Windows

Both the softwares install file system drivers so that you can access the Ext2 file system just like and other native Windows file system. You get both read write access to the Linux partition and it shows up as a normal drive with a drive letter assigned to it within Windows Explorer.


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USB thumb drives are one of the most commonly used ways to transfer data if you happen to work across multiple computers. Lets just make the USB drives prettier, useful and secure.

1. Add icons and labels to your drive.

usb driveDownload an icon you would want to see appear when you plug in your thumb(pen) drive. Place the icon at the root of the drive. Next open notepad and type the following:


label = "<your name here>"

icon = "yourIcon.ico"

Save the file onto the root of your thumb drive and name it "autorun.inf", be sure to put the quotes or else it will be saved as a text file. Now Safely remove your USB drive and plug back in, the icon and name should appear in Windows Explorer if your did everything right. You can also automatically launch an application. If this is not the way you prefer to work use this neat application to generate the autorun.inf file automatically

2. Add a Start Menu to your USB drive

portable appsDownload and install the Portable Apps Suite on your USB drive, it not only gives you a nice start menu for your USB drive but also gives you the ability to run some of the most popular applications (like Firefox, Putty, OpenOffice, SumatraPDF, notepad++ and many more) right from your USB drive. A must have for your USB drive

3. Use Mojopac

mojopacMojopac gives you your operating environment right on your USB drive. You can be rest assured that you will find a familiar interface with Mojopac on any pc you plug your USB drive into, all the customization will be preserved from computer to computer. Moreover it lets you operate without leaving any trace what so ever on the computer, so you can be rest assured about your privacy and data

4. Write Protect your Drive

My USB drive has a write protect notch that prevents it from being written onto when plugged on a computer, this is important because if the computer you are plugging into is infected than it can readily infect your USB drive. However if your drive cannot be write protected then you can use thumbscrew. It makes anything connected to the USB non writeable until you are sure and want to make it writeable.

5. Make Autorun.inf read only and system file

Thumbscrew may prevent writing on USB devices but it has to be already present on the computer you want to plug your USB drive into, so if its not possible for one reason or the other then you should make sure that you have a custom autorun.inf file and that its read only and has the system file attribute set. This prevents malicious code from writing entries to your autorun.inf and thus even if your USB drive may have a virus it won’t actually run it automatically. So a little bit more protection but not fool proof by any means.

6. Hold down the shift key

If you suspect your USB drive may be infected but still you have to plug it in to scan and remove the infections, then when you plug it in hold down the shift key to prevent autorun if its not already disabled.

7. Encrypt your drive using Truecrypt

true cryptYou can encrypt all the data on your USB drive using Truecrypt. This fives you added security if you have some sensitive data on your USB drive. Simply run it and choose your USB device to encrypt. TrueCrypt is free, Open Source and efficient and gives you extra security, download it here.

8. Sync your drive.

Microsoft offers an excellent application specially to address all your syncing needs. Its called the SyncToy. If you have to work on the same files on two different computers than you want to have the latest version of all files all the time, this can be easily done with synctoy. It offers both oneway and twoway synching. Its also free to download. Download it here

9. Backup your drive

toucanBacking up is always a nice thing to do, specially when you have to use it on different computers. There is a portable app to make this very easy. Its toucan, you can install it on your USB drive and back up, sync and encrypt your data as and when you want. Or else there is this the USB Image Tool that creates an image of everything you have on your drive and saves it as one file.

10. Make it bootable

pen drive linuxYou can install and run Linux from your USB thumb drive, this is an excellent way to recover systems that won’t boot, or to just plug it into another computer and do all of your work using linux applications and surf the net without leaving any history on the host computer. For this try pendrivelinux

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Easter Eggs and Easter BunnyIf you have been checking the tech blogs lately you might have come across a lot of easter eggs posts. First lifehacker did a Software Easter Eggs post, then today Webware has combined a list of 10 internet easter eggs.

What are easter eggs anyways? To the first timers it may seem what the hell are you guys talking about! Well to clear off the dust and demystify "Easter Eggs" let me mention that Easter Eggs are little amusing tidbits that the creators of the softwares, games etc leave in their products for the users to discover them. They may range from a "Hello" to a Game of Tetris in µtorrent!

Since it is the Easter Eggs Year (I made this up!), I thought I should also contribute and add some of the Easter eggs that I know about :), So here I go:

  • The Google Reader Ninja Code ( ↑↑↓↓← → ← → B A), displays a Ninja in the Sidebar (Also mentioned in the Webware list)
  • The Photoshop Merlin: Hold the Alt Key, go to the layer pallete and click the arrow for layer pallete menu and choose "pallete options"
  • The Firefox 3 Robot: Type about:robots in Firefox 3 address bar
  • XP Star Wars: Type TELNET at command prompt, hit enter, then type the letter o and hit enter again, then type towel.blinkenlights.nl and press enter.
  • Illustrator Credits: Press CTRL, ALT and click on the Venus picture on the top of the toolbar.
  • XP Solitaire instant win: press ALT + SHIFT + 2
  • Minesweeper Trick: Type xyzzy and press SHIFT+ENTER, now the topleft pixel of the screen will change color when you hover over a mine!
  • Yahoo and Skype hidden emoticons: for skype type – (mooning) (finger) (bandit) (toivo) to get the respective emoticons and for yahoo see here
  • OpenOffice.org Calc games: Type =Game(“StarWars”) and hit enter or in a cell outside of the range A1:C3 type =Game(A1:C3;”TicTacToe”)and hit enter

There were more.. I wasted enough time thinking about them, so let it be these only for the time being, I will add more when I remember them. Meanwhile why don’t you guys tell me a few in comments?

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Make use of

As some of you may be knowing that I also write for one of the best tech blogs MakeUseOf.com

In my recent article I talk about WINE, WINE is used to run Windows games and Softwares on Linux. Actually the uses extend far beyond these, although it is popularly used for playing Windows games on Linux. For more check out the article at MakeUseOf, and leave comments on what you think. I am also planning a Step by Step Tutorial on how to play Half Life on Ubuntu so keep checking back or better, subscribe to the feed.

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