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As you know MakeUseOf.com is one of the most popular tech blogs out there on the Internet. You might have noticed we are having some serious problems with the site right now. To be precise: I woke up to the news that MakeUseOf.com domain account with GoDaddy has been hacked and the Domain has been transferred to another web company based out of Dubai.

There have been some serious reactions and theories on digg and other blogs about how this was achieved, however we are still not sure and wouldn’t like to speculate. [UPDATE: A recent post on the MakeUseOf Status Blog provides more details and updates]

Rest assured we are working to get the domain back. Meanwhile you can visit http://makeuseof-temporary.blogspot.com for updates on the situation. If you are subscribed to the feed you will get the updates anyway so hang in there. BTW if anyone has a contact in GoDaddy or can help in someway to get things rolling it will be really appreciated. Use the form to get in touch.

Similar situation had cropped up with designer David Airey’s site some time back. He got it restored and had written a post explaining what had happened and how he got it back.

Hopefully MakeUseOf will be back sooner rather than later with quality articles that you love.

[UPDATE: Its back with it rightful owners. Yay!]

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