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Intrepid has been out for about a week now. Normally the ubuntu upgrades and installations work flawlessly, however when I upgraded to Intrepid there were a few problems. The most profound is what some have called the “Black Screen of Death”. It’s when ubuntu simply freezes up. So it happened that after the upgrade I was hoping to check out some of the new features in Intrepid, as soon as I logged in, Ubuntu just froze up, just a black screen with a mouse pointer that I could move but could not use. Couldn’t switch to virtual consoles, couldn’t restart X, nothing. In the end decided to use the power button to power off the machine.

Despite knowing that a restart seldom fixes an issue in Linux, I was still hoping the it would boot up just fine this time but it was not to be. Again a BLACK SCREEN that won’t allow you to do anything.


As it turned out, compiz was having issues with Intel onboard graphics on certain motherboards (845 in my case). There has been a bug report for the problem and it was mentioned in the release notes (damn I didnt read it before upgrading)


Booted up the system again, this time logged into Failsafe Terminal Session. Removed compiz

sudo apt-get remove compiz compiz-core

So no pretty desktop effects and other compiz tricks in Intrepid. Boooo… So sad as they worked perfectly in Gutsy and then Hardy. Hoping for a bug fix to be pushed into updates soon, so that we all will be able to use the compiz goodness once again.


Read the release notes thoroughly!

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